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Your Car Is Worth A Lot, Especially Now, Especially Here

As you're aware, there's a worldwide shortage of electronic components used for building new cars. The result: A big shortage of new cars, which means more car buyers around Bucyrus and Mount Vernon OH are now looking for quality pre-owned cars. That means we're making some of the most lucrative straight cash or trade-in offers for pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs we've ever made. In other words, this is the perfect time to sell your car to us.

Full disclosure: We're highly motivated to give you more for your car

The fact is, there simply aren't enough well-maintained pre-owned vehicles right now to meet the exceptional demand we're seeing at Mansfield Motors in Mansfield OH. When it comes to selling or trading in your car and getting a great price, you're in the driver's seat. Not only can we offer you an exceptional cash price or a trade-in value, but you don't have to buy your next vehicle from us. Your car is more than enough to get our full attention.

You Can Find Out Just How Good Our Offer Is In Seconds

Use our "Value Your Trade" tool online, provide a few basic facts about your car and you'll see our conditional offer in a matter of seconds. If you agree our offer is a good one, please drive over from Wooster, OH  or wherever you live and bring that offer with your current car to our dealership. We'll confirm the offer and work out the details in person, whether you want to get your next vehicle from us or not.

We encourage you to act soon: These high pre-owned car values won't last forever

Give your car the "Value Your Trade" test and see what an exceptional trade-in or cash offer we can make. But like any business condition, this one could change at any time, so we hope you'll see us right away. Before you come, browse our our new inventory or our pre-owned vehicles to shop for  your next car. Then bring in your current car, truck or SUV and our offer soon and let's talk about the possibilities at Mansfield Motors in Mansfield, OH.

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